Thursday, 14 April 2011

[Label] MindStep Music

Here at Mad-Lab - as you can probably tell - we like brains, and Mindstep is a label that has plenty of 'em; it's style really doesn’t require too much explanation: it’s all in the name. Promoting intelligent, deep dubstep, Mindstep releases bring us back to the roots of a genre that evolved so rapidly that it’s core – those deep, bassy, clever rumbles - is too often being overlooked. On top of this it continues to innovate and push the sound, offering a wide variety of styles.

Their first release is candidly entitled “The Compilation” – a 17 track album showcasing the Mindstep sound. This is going to be released exclusively to Beatport on the 18th of this month, and distributed through major retailers on the 2nd of May. On the flip, by which I mean, included - is a mixed version by Mindstep boss man and Rinse.FM DJ - Crises.

In succession to many successful events under the Mindstep moniker, they’re also throwing their first Friday event tomorrow, with an absolutely massive line-up.

For those that aren't good at reading pictures that is:
>Quest (Deep Medi / Anti Social)
>Wonder (Rinse Fm)
>Clairvoyants (Rinse Fm)
>Crises (MindStep / Rinse Fm)
>G Double (MindStep / Rinse Fm)
>Syte (MindStep / Sub Fm)
>Advocate (Resonance / MindStep Music)
>Mileage (We Are Dubist / MindStep Music)
>Pressa (MindStep / Rood Fm)
>Legend4ry (MindStep / Rood Fm)
>Thelem (Orientis Records)
>Kreepah (MindStep Music)
>Crisp (MindStep Music)
>LX ONE (Tempa / Wheel & Deal)
>Sun of Selah (Vintage Dub / MindStep)
So scribble that in your jottas 'cause it's not one to miss.

15.04 - Label launch party
18.04 - Compilation release on Beatport
02.05 - Further release

We'll be doing another feature come the 2nd with the second wave of releases - featuring an interview with DJ Crises, and possibly a Mindstep competition.

It's going to be a good month.



  1. Hadn't heard of these guys until now... good stuff! Especially digging Advocate

  2. Large. Love this sound. Gonna check this compilation.

  3. That compilation is going to be one of the best releases of this year for me (besides sicko cell and a few other swamp bits). I love the mindstep style and vibe.


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