Wednesday, 27 April 2011

[Video] Grime Video Roundup

Since it's so damn sunny in London, today we're going to be venturing out of our underground lab/lair thing, and dip our toe in the UK mainstream (kind of). Our grime knowledge is not quite as sharp as we'd like to think, but regardless. Here's the Grime video round up from last year.

Grime King Wiley - notorious for rarely even showing up to his video shoots - has finally shown up to one of his music videos. From his forthcoming album on Ninja Tune's sister label Big Dada (so you know it's going to be good), the remarkably well produced - Numbers in Action.

P Money is lined up to be the next big MC in the UK scene, with some massive releases coming out left, right and center. He joins up with Rinse. FM don Marco Del Horno and Kiss DJ - Swerve. 

D Double E, of Newham Generals fame literally spits about half the cast of Street Fighter 4 over samples straight from the game, which is bad as hell. Serious dedication to a sick video game (all about Bison)

 True Tiger's developed into a massive label over the past couple years, with Sukh Knight remaining at the helm with plenty of classic tracks that helped push the heavier side of Dubstep (Diesel Not Petrol, Born Invincible). He's on the buttons with P-Money on the mic to bring us this video, featuring a massive Grime cast. We're a bit indecisive as to the direction which True Tiger has taken of late, but regardless, this track is big.

Yes, they're a  bit old, so consider it a recap.

P-Moneys next release is coming in the middle of next month, as the foundations of Butterz phase 2 (their launch into instrumental grime) - we'll be putting up an article after the jump.


    Street Fighter Riddim is wicked.

  2. Haha, i know nothing about grime, so this was all news to me. You'll have to pardon me, but i couldn't help but laugh at the D double E video.... only because 1) His voice sounds like my old roommate when he would put on a silly voice after he had done something stupid. and 2) Brutal electro? why does everyone get away with presets in their songs?


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