Wednesday, 27 April 2011

[Release] Boddika - 2727 EP

Swamp 81's been just a taaaad late on their release schedule, but then again we're a taaaaaad late on reporting this. Anyway, their latest release - the big number 11 - Swamp 011 to be exact - Boddika - 2727 EP was released a while back. Giving you 4 tracks on 2x12" in a classy Gatefold sleeve, Boddika - one half of Insta:mental (as if you didn't know that) - is still carrying the torch of the acidy technoey melty nameless genre which Loefah's beloved label is so well representing.

2727 by Boddika aka.Instra:mental
Soul What by Boddika aka.Instra:mental
Sometimes by Boddika aka.Instra:mental
Rubba by Boddika aka.Instra:mental

As with all of Swamp 81 releases, they're wax only, so unless you're a vinyl junky, you won't get a chance to own these incredible pieces of music (buy yourself some Techs).

Cop it at Phonica


  1. oh sick i didnt know this was out, gonna order the vinyl later! yehhhh boi!


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