Sunday, 10 April 2011

[Release] Silkie - City Limits EP Vol 1.4

City Limits EP Vol 1.4 marks Silkie's 8th release on Deep Medi, with tracks Wonder and Slow Jam shoved into some beautiful, geometric artwork (omitting the classic caricatures drawn by Deep Medi producer/artist Tunnidge this time).

With Slow Jam maintaining the deep dubby mood that Deep Medi are renown for, Wonder seems to mix in a bit of instrumental grime, bringing forth that 'purple' sound that Silkie's been experimenting with for a while, brought to popularity by Joker a couple years back. Good stuff to be listening to in the UK sun.

A whilst you're on a Silkie vibe, check out his album released last year - City Limits (after which the EP is named).

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  1. All about Silkie on a day like today.

  2. Love Deep Medi and love Silkie... thanks!

  3. Background music for my morning. Cheers to you. Oh wait, homie just started wobbling.

  4. silkie is a boss, prefer his older stuff if im honest tho!

  5. Vibes! wonder what will be on the next EP


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