Sunday, 1 May 2011

Butterz Phase 2

If you're up to scratch on your grime news, you'll notice that Butterz is about to enter what they're calling "Phase 2" of their grime crusade. Phase 2 is where they're departing from their strictly instrumental grime ways; whilst Butterzips have contained quite a couple vocals in them, MC's are now officially being added to the Butterz roster.

Their first release is bound to be huge: not only are they finally releasing the Royal-T remix of TRC - Oo Aa Ee, that fans have been begging about for time now, but they've gotten P-Money, Blacks, and Slickman to spit all over it. It's up for pre-order, to be dispatched on the 16th of May, just in time for summer, and this is what it sounds like:

And get on a desktop and iphone background.

Plus, on the same date they're going to be dispatching Swindle - Mood Swings (VIP) and Royal-T - Organgeade (VIP), exclusively at the Butterz Boutique. "Only 200 have been made. A bit of experiment. Im not sure if the digital files will ever emerge either."


And just as a last note, Terror Danjah is giving out a free copy of his track - Zupi Hunter VIP, on bandcamp. Swoop in and get it. 

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Pre-order the VIP's


  1. P-Money's sounding good on the vocal. Instrumental would be the one though! Mood Swings VIP is fire too.


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