Friday, 6 May 2011

[Free] Blackmass Plastics - Pulsar Pollution EP

Nomination for one of the coolest artist names of all time: Blackmass Plastics. Kanji Kinetic's label - Mutant Bass - has been giving out free EPs for a while now, filled with the tripped out rave music that the crew are known for. Blackmass are veterans of the scene, and have quite a penchant for making unique Dubstep speed tracks that hardly actually resemble the genre, morphing into a scrambled cyberdog trip. To use Mutant Bass' description:

"With an incredible array of releases spanning 11 years on labels such as Rag & Bone, Combat and Yellow Machines, Blackmass Plastics delivers 4 dark and dirty chunks of technoid bassline to destroy any dancefloor."


Mutant Bass 002 - Blackmass Plastics - Pulsar Pollution EP - Mediafire

And for good measure, here's their other free EPs:

Mutant Bass 001 - V/A - Abrasion Invasion EP - Mediafire
Mutant Bass 003 - V/A - Vulgar Display of Showa EP - Mediafire

Mutant Bass Records Website


  1. Well the description certainly sounds intriguing. Gonna check it out.

  2. As I have nothing better to do atm I'll check these out.

  3. Will definatly check this out! ;D

  4. Nice for them to get out free EPs!


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