Wednesday, 4 May 2011

[Label] Abyss Recordings

We've got a keen interest in the international bass music scene, here at the lab. From Deep-Medi's Goth Trad in Japan, to the obvious perps in the States, to - well, just about everywhere, really.

Abyss Recordings is no exception - a new label showcasing the best that New Zealand has to offer. Already securing itself a strong roster with the first 2 releases, label owner Dutty Ranks teams up with Deep-Medi veteran Truth to serve up what one could consider Dubstep's answer to Liquid D&B. Jazzy, soulful and deep, yet still heavy enough to work on the dancefloor, these tracks are bringing something new to the sound, without losing too much of it's core. 

With more forthcoming releases from the aforementioned duo, as well as Phoenix and Bulletproof, Abyss Recordings will be featuring the best in New Zealand talent - as well as some top-notch international artists.


  1. Both of these are pretty sick! Checking the label out.

  2. Flash crashed, will come back and take a listen. Thanks for posting this up bronipples!

  3. Two heavy wate muhr furs' right there. GHreat to see a label with such a strong representitive really. Nz really showing the world how it's done.

  4. intersting, nice showcase - never heard of these guys before, will keep an eye out!

  5. Not my cuppa, upon further listening. Sounds good though.


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