Thursday, 5 May 2011

Deep MEDi Releases Vol. 3

Mala's label DEEP MEDi Musik has long been releasing it's back catalogue of plates on digital through their compilations simply entitled 'Releases', satisfying those eager fans who prefer the digital medium. There's a couple images floating about of Vol. 3 - composed of bits of the highly acclaimed caricatures drawn by Medi producer Tunnidge (Geddeon / Facemelt) suggesting that it's going to be out some time soon.

Judging from the past trends of the volumes, the release is going to contain plates 11-16, which'll include:

Silkie - Skys the Limit
Silkie - Poltigiest
Quest - Stand
Quest - Eden
Truth - The Fatman
Truth - Stolen Children
Skream - The Shinein
Skream - Backwards
Goth-Trad - Dark Path
Goth-Trad - S.A.T.U.R.N
Clouds - Protecting Hands-Part 1
Clouds - Protecting Hands-Part 2

We'll be keeping you updated with any news about the release. Until then, legendary rave DMZ is going to be going on for the first time since their birthday at Mass-Brixton this Saturday. Not one to miss, but if you do, there's another one in Leeds later on.

Until then, get ahold of the past 2 volumes:

Buy Volume 1 via Boomkat
Buy Volume 2 via Boomkat


  1. Fatman and Shinein on digital. Cannot wait. By all accounts this is a big compilation.

  2. Good news for peeps who are into digital.


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