Saturday, 28 May 2011

[Event] Dubkulture

Dubkulture takes place every Wednesday at the Black Sheep in Croydon - the London borough countlessly quoted as the birthplace of Dubstep and home to the esteemed Big Apple Records. Showcasing the best in underground talent, whilst also being host to some of the uprising stars such as J:Kenzo and Tunnidge, DubKulture is the place to go to soak up the genuine, unadulterated Croydon scene. We had a conversation with controller Pistonsbeneath about the night:

What's up, Pistons?
Life is good, blessed in many ways

What can we expect if we roll up to Croydon and come to Dubkulture?

You can expect a family of heads all there for the music and a diverse array of dubstep and occasionally other genres like ukg, funky, jungle and hardcore

So, how'd it all get started?
One wednesday they had no one to DJ so they gave me a shout. I turned up and played some serious tunes and it went off and on the spot they said lets do this weekly

Which big names have gotten involved?
Well the event isn't as such about big names but big djs and producers but a few guys like Tunnidge, Lost, Shiverz, Terrafonix, Killawatt, Benton, Watson and others I forget have all spun at Kulture

We heard someone say it could shift in as the next 'FWD', want to comment on that?

It's got a lot in common certainly and it has got an amazing 20k rig in a relatively small space...people just come down each week to hear some sounds, i wouldn't wanna compare it really though FWD is a sacred event

What's the plan for the future?
Just to keep pushin', there may be other elements to the event soon as well as dj sets such as workshops, next month for my birthday bash to which all are invited confirmed are Darkside, Tunnidge, Terrafonix, Shiverz, Watson, dj 2e and there should be more hugely well known names but don't wanna say until they confirm!

Big ups...
Large up to the whole Dubkulture family (you know who you are!!) but a special shout to Shiverz & Nightmare & Oni as they always smash it so bad, DJ 2e for bring the weight and to 

Syte for being technically incredible on the plates!

Catch Dubkulture every Wednesday at the Black Sheep Croydon.

Dubkulture's Facebook
Piston's Facebook


  1. Big up Pistons. Wish there was more nights with this sort of ethic. All about the tunes.

  2. Yeah man. Big up Pistons. Still playing vinyl and running a successful night without selling out his musical values.

    Much respect, I hope I get to come down one day. :)


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