Thursday, 31 March 2011

[Artist] Addison Groove

Addison Groove is one of a handful of dubstep pioneers who have begun to depart from their original scenes in order to seek greener pastures, paving the way for new subgenres, which - apart from the usual 135-140 BPM range - often bare hardly any resemblance to their predecessors.

Addison (real name Antony Williams) previously gained hype under the monikor Headhunter. Truly one of the embodiments of early dubstep - Headhunter's tunes focused almost solely on clinically dark, extended sub-bass, and tight percussion, earning releases on Tempa and Planet Mu. His later tracks under the name already suggested a  restlessness - slowly drifting away from the static dubstep sound.

His first emergence under his new alias was a release curiously named Footcrab; it's juke inspired, 808 fuelled rythme took to the scene like wildfire, and it gained a comfortable place as the first non-dubstep track on Loefah's fresh Swamp81 label.  Since then, he's been joined by the likes of Boddika (Instra:mental), Ramadanman (Pearson sound) and Pinch in twisting the scene on it's very foundations. Their next announced release will be the - still uncredited - Sicko Cell - another notoriously experimental tune.

Whilst some of the remnants of dubstep (mainly the blaring subbass) remain, the focus has recently been rising up the frequency spectrum, and left in uncontested territory, with massive inspiration from Chicago juke, as well as funky, electro, techno, acid house, and countless other genres.

If you check out some of his mixes (FACT mix), you'll also find that he's a talented scratch artist too. His latest release - Work It / Sexual - gives the idea that he's just getting started. The future for Mr. Groove seems absolutely immense.

Cop the latest release:

And check the Swamp site:


  1. Tonys been one of my favorite artists since i got into the scene. I had the pleasure of meeting him on occasion, sound guy too.

  2. Love the direction this sound is going.

  3. Wasn't into this Footcrab sound at first but it's grown on me in a major way!

    I saw Boddika play out last night and even an entire set of this type of thing doesn't bore me now. It's proper lively dance music.

  4. Wow, i feel really lame because i had no clue addison = headhunter.... i should turn in my cool kid license

  5. Sick post mate. Loved Headhunter the first time i heard him and the same goes for Addison.

    Truly talented producer, can't wait for more.

  6. Footcrab always goes off in the raves

  7. Really good article, captured the artist well.
    Love the direction swamp is going in at the minute and it started opening my eyes up properly to house recently.


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