Monday, 28 March 2011

[Album] Wagon Christ - Toomorrow

Good news everyone! Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert aka Plug aka Kerrier District has just brought out a new album on Ninja Tune named Toomorrow.

If you haven't heard of at least one of his aliases, he's an artist renown for a volume of music akin to his volume of pseudonyms, as well as his promiscuity to record labels, having released on Ninja Tune, Rephlex, Planet Mu, Warp and others.  This is his 20th full-length album, and the 3rd released on Ninja Tune, all whilst juggling a wife and kids and being the nicest bloke ever. How the fuck does he do it? Here's a promo video put together by the guys at Ninja:


As expected, he brings us the same indescribable sounds - kind of like Mr Scruff on laughing gas ( which really is saying something), with classic tracknames like Lazer dick, and Respectrum.

He's also released a new EP under his Kerrier District - disco houseyish - pseudonim. This one de-emphasises the lasers, and is just called Dick. Gotta love it.

Buy em!:

Toomorrow - via Ninja Tune
Kerrier District 3 EP - via Phonica


  1. Dope, lookin forward to hearing the whole album.

  2. Geez the man must live in the studio... anyway it's sounding great as usual

  3. I met his mum once - true story

  4. YES! I freaking love Luke Vibert's work so I'm excited for this one


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