Monday, 21 March 2011

Mickey Pearce - Mickey's Car Boots - Free EP

Mickey Pearce - of Blunted Robot stock (Bok Bok, Brackles, Shortstuff, Martin Kemp) - is giving away a free EP with the launch of the new label website. To put it in their words:

"Mickey has been on the rob, abusing the work of people more talented than himself and passing it off as his own"

Zipped up are some nicely chopped bootlegs of JME - CD is Dead, as well as Redlight & Ms Dynamite's - What U Talkin' About?, adding that trippy bongo-fuelled riddimosity that Blunted Robots is quickly becoming big for. The video also hints at a slice of the Wiley & MJ Cole piece - Wait for the Drop - which has recently blown up since it's release in Oct 2010, due, in part to a little feature on the Ramadanman/Pearson Sound Fabriclive, as well as frequent drops by the Butterz crew. It might also have something to do that it's a bloody good record.

Apparantly we're being held hostage to 1000 pageviews for that last bit. Your page views or your life.

Get the thing, and check out the new site here:


BLRD001 - Mickey's Car Boot by bluntedrobots

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