Friday, 18 March 2011

Pinch - Swish - Release Rumours

So Pinch has finally revealed, after months of torturing the shit out of us, that Swish is going to be released soon, on no other than Deep Medi.

He says on his Twitter (No damn way am I going to use the word 'tweet'):
Swish is coming on Deep Medi - not sure exactly when but i have a test press so hopefully not too long!
Rumour says that Kode9 is going to do a remix on the flipside, and that it's going to be the 9th of May, but we'll wait and see. This'll fit like a bug in the already powerful Medi catalogue, and will easily be one of the releases of the year; it's about time that Pinch jumped on the Medi wagon.

More rumour's saying that Quest's trying to bring Medi's catalogue of mastered tunes up to a staggering 55 by the end of May. Let's hope!

Here's a clip from Youngsta's Rinse.FM show. It's gonna have to suffice for now:


  1. wow didnt see this coming

  2. YES! Good choice by Deep Medi, can't wait to hear it without the radio chatter.

  3. ^that chatta is unbearable, totally destroys it.

  4. There are clearer versions out there, but I'm trying not to endorse leaks, so consider it a preview

  5. It's a nutty tune. Complete destroyer. Can't wait for the release.

  6. Yesss, Pinch is still pushing it.


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