Friday, 11 March 2011

Mix Round Up, Ep. 2 - Plastician & P-Money

The second mix, presented by FooMag is Plastician and P-Money - History of Dubstep. Plastician (BBC Radio 1 and Rinse.FM) - often regarded as one of the most skilled mixers of UK music scene - teams up with prime grime MC P Money to bring us an anthology detailing one the multi-faceted evolutions of dubstep from it's roots. The mix begins with some influential Drum and Bass singles such as Zinc's 128 Trek, right through to the more dub influenced classics - Anti-War Dub, the early high risers - Skream's Midnight Request Line, Rusko's Jahova and straight through to the more aggressive dubstep offshoots - Doctor P's and Flux Pavilion. All throughout Butterz crewman P Money spits his staple grimey style.

Overall, History of ... mixes are constantly subject to controversy. Whilst the mix does miss out much of the more underground plates that served as the bedrock of the genre, it's an amazingly accurate depiction of dubstep's rise from an underground scene, into a worldwide phenomena, and a highly entertaining hour and a half.

Not one to be missed.

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  1. Nice one bruv. Love that tattoooo!

  2. tracklist nails some of the big tunes of the past few years but misses a few obvious ones. a good little history lesson nonetheless

  3. "Not sure if want."

    pretty much this. guess i'll have to listen to find out though

  4. Cool... Followed!

  5. Cheers for commenting, guys!

    Whether you can sit through Doctor P and Sweet Shop for the billionth time, it tells a story - hence the selection. I'd like to post some mixes that represent something, rather than showcases of the newest tracks and trends, cut well.

    The next mix coming up will be showcasing the real face of the scene!

  6. Hey btw, how'd you change the color of that blogger nav bar at the top. Looks so much better!

  7. yeh i heard this and was enjoying most of it. nice one


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