Tuesday, 29 March 2011

[Compilation] Dubstep Allstars - Vol. 8 - Distance

Well, it's long been confirmed that Distance is the next in line for the Dubstep Allstars crown, pitching up for Volume 8 in what's been an absolutely pivotal compilation series for the genre.

The release date has been pinned at some point in the next couple months, and his recent post looks very promising:

Edit - 13th April: 

And while you wait, make sure to revisit his older stuff, album My Demons will always and forever remain an absolute classic:

And check out the big back catalogue of the Allstars for some serious education:

Vol. 1 - Hatcha
Vol. 2 - Youngsta
Vol. 3 - Kode9
Vol. 4 - Hatcha and Yougsta
Vol. 5 - N-Type
Vol. 6 - Appleblim
Vol. 7 - Chef & Ramadanman
Vol. 8 - Distance


  1. Distance has always been my favorite Dubstep artist, hands down, so I'm giddy over this. Typing "Distance" into Pandora.com is always a treat.

  2. Volume 2 is one of my all time favourite posessions. I treasure that cd.

  3. Dubstep Allstars always have amazing mix CD's, can't wait for this one.

    Distance has the midas touch!

  4. This should be great! Volume 5 ftw!

  5. Falling... I'd rather listen to skrillex.

  6. Should be rather large. Distance and his mates (Tunnidge, Cyrus, etc) have been making some huge beats recently. Can see this CD being excellent.

  7. omg cant fkin wait distance <3 the real beast

  8. but will all them tracks be released seperatly on digital release, i dont want no mix , just them tunes.


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