Friday, 18 March 2011

Ill Blu - Meltdown EP

Just to continue on the roll of providing a couple of the new funky tracks here and there, check out Ill Blu's Meltdown EP. If you've been to a funky night in the past couple of weeks, you'll probably recognise the main track - Meltdown - the first time the mix drops and the melody hits in the main track. "What's this track? I've never heard it before.... Oh damn, that's the one." - is the usual response. They hit the funky formula fairly standardly - sharp latin(ish) percussion, electroey synths, and quick drops, but when everything stops and the bassline shoots up a couple octaves into that squeaky, almost grumpy, machine zap - it hits the electronic apex. It almost sounds like being told off by an old grumpy robot; he's wagging his finger at you for stepping on his robot lawn or some shit.

Here's the sampler:

Ill Blu - Meltdown EP (3 Track Sampler) by Numbers

Cop that shit:

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  1. You're on a roll today! I really liked the tune at 2:19


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