Friday, 11 March 2011

Mix Round Up, Ep. 1 - Ramadanman

In honour of our first post, here's a big bunch of listening material from over the past couple of months, to keep you busy for a little while.

The first is Ramadanman's Bestimix, in accordance with his eagerly awaited FabricLive album, released this week. As the title suggests, it was recorded in preparation for Bestival, presenting "a blistering, exclusive session of upfront bass-heavy pressure from one of dubstep’s leading stars and brightest lights." If you've been in the loop lately, you know what to expect - oxymoronically deep highs, even deeper lows and a discerning inability to settle on any particularly genre, falling somewhere between dubstep, electro, juke and almost any other recent UK offshoots you can think of.


  1. One of the best first posts i've seen. Big lover of ramadanman.

  2. oh safe cheers for lniking this!


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