Friday, 18 March 2011

Harddrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Remix)

And the winner for the song that get's the strangest looks whilst being sung in the tube:

This tune's garnered quite a bit of interest in the past couple months, with big names like Loefah and Addison Groove nonchalantly slipping it into their funky acid fuelled sets and making people dance like idiots. It's also made a whole bout of people look incredibly inappropriate for repeating the words: "deep inside of me" in a high pitched voice, over and over again, in public.

After a nice little bout of anonymity due to the classic sample clearance issue, it was brought to the light that the man responsible was none other than Pearson Sound (AKA Ramadanman). He remixes the classic house tune with his staple deep punchy bass, leaving in, tweaking and adding all kinds of 808s and percussion that give the tune so much character. It was heard at DMZ, it was heard at Bloc, and now it's been released by the guys down at Night Slugs on a white(ish) label. Check it out and bag it.

Posting about another mysterious sample related anonymous record after the drop - Sicko Cell

Buy it:

Chemical Records


  1. I knew it was forthcoming but I had no idea it was out yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Been playing this so much since the postman delivered it on Friday. The other side is just as good if not better too.


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