Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mix Round Up, Ep. 3 - Elijah & Skilliam

Next up - Rinse.FM DJ's - Elijah and Skilliam. Unless you've been hiding under a bassbin for the past couple weeks, these gents have been earning quite a bit of rep taking up the rather daunting task of resurrecting grime, focusing particularly on the instrumental variety. Alongside veteran producers like Terror Danjah and plenty of new-comers such as Royal-T, expect big things from their blog-turned-label - Butterz.

These guys have been turning out mixes like chiclets, so I'll leave you with their 010110 that gained so much hype on mixcloud, and their 010111 released - as you can probably guess - a year later, for a nice little comparison.

More about Butterz after the drop!


  1. feeling it, thanks for posting these up. Tight music again.

  2. yah been on both of these, feeling grime right now. not sure how long thatll last tho haha :p


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